Training courses

You hear about user experience, service design, ergonomic design... It's all a bit unclear, but you'd like to know more or get better.

We have trained dozens of students and professionals on these subjects, so this is the right place! Let's be honest, you will not become an expert after a 3-day or less training course, but we will take you as far as we can during the time we spend together! And we can set this up at your place or ours!

Our training courses can be held in Bordeaux, Paris, Lyon or wherever in France, and are referenced on Datadock!

Beginner’s course on User Experience (1 day)

A day to learn about UX, to familiarize yourself with user experience design

    The fundamentals of User Experience (3 days)

    Learn about and use the methods implemented in user experience, design, and usability engineering

    Service design (1 day)

    Theoretical course and group practical work to learn about the service design toolbox: from workshops to deliverables

    The fundamentals of neuroergonomics (2 days)

    Theoretical basics of oculometry, choice of equipment, protocol, and data, according to the analysis