Our case studies

From words to deeds: projects we are proud of, and happy clients!

Come rain or shine, Akiani will reconcile scientific precision and accessible communication. Their ability to adapt to our issue, and the availability of their team have helped carry out quality work.
Céline Durupt, Geomatics Project Manager at SNCF Innovation & Research
High quality of service and very professional interlocutors.
Renaud Nédélec, Technical Director and Cofounder at Kocliko
From the co-construction of the offer to the finalization of the deliverables, we have benefited from the dedicated support of experts in user experience, audience movement, space layout optimization. This process, carried out during workshops involving all our teams, has helped us rethink the way we work, and the results were beyond our initial expectations. Relations with our teams were excellent, and they showed a good understanding of our stakes, the way we work, and the priorities inherent to the large cultural event sector.
Jérémy Debreu, Reggae Sun Ska Music Festival
Great availability in the context of this mission that lead to the sharing of opinions (scientific and technical) in an open and constructive way, which was not an easy thing to establish with a service provider in such a short time.
I also truly appreciated the interactions we had, and their position between a certain scientific precision and the much stricter requirements of industry, but always very open and horizontal.
Simone Morgagni, Head of Cognitive Program at SNCF Innovation & Research