Management of Personal Data.

The customer is notified of the regulations regarding marketing communication, the law of 21 June 2014 on confidence in the Digital Economy, the Data Protection Act of 6 August 2004 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR: Regulation (EU) 2016/679)

Data Controllers responsible for the collection of personal data

The Data Controller for personal data collected during the creation of the user’s personal account and his navigation on the website is: Akiani. Akiani is represented by Sami LINI, its legal representative.

In its capacity as the data controller for the data it collects, Akiani undertakes to comply with the legal provisions in force. It is the Customer’s responsibility in particular to draw up the aims of his data processing from the moment that it has obtained their consent to provide to its potential customers and customers full information on the processing of their personal data and to maintain records of processing activities consistent with the actual situation.
Each time that  Akiani processes personal data Akiani takes all reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the personal data with respect to the purposes, for which Akiani processes them.

Purpose of data collection

Akiani‘s purpose in processing the data in whole or in part may be:

  • to make possible navigation on the website and the management and traceability of the services ordered by the user: connection and site use data, invoicing, order history, etc.
  • to prevent and combat computer fraud (spamming, hacking, etc.): information technology equipment used for navigation, IP address, password (hashed)
  • to improve navigation on the site:  connection and use data
  • to undertake optional satisfaction surveys on Akiani: e-mail address
  • to conduct communication campaigns (SMS, e-mail): telephone number, e-mail address

Akiani does not market your personal data, which are therefore used solely when required or for statistical and analytical purposes.

Rights of access and rectification and right to object

In accordance with the European Union regulations in force Akiani‘s Users have the following rights:

  • right of access (Article 15 GDPR) right to rectification (Article 16 GDPR), right to the correction or completion of the user’s personal data, right to blocking or erasure of the user’s personal data (Article 17 GDPR), when they are incorrect, incomplete, ambiguous, expired, or the collection, use, communication or storage of which is forbidden;
  • right to withdraw consent at any time (Article 13 (2) (c) GDPR);
  • right to restriction of processing of the user’s personal data (Article 18 GDPR)
  • right to object to the processing of the user’s personal data (Article 21 GDPR)
  • right to data portability of the data provided by the user, when these data are the object of automatic processing procedures based on their consent or on a contract (Article 20 GDPR)
  • right to decide the fate of the user’s data after the death of the user and to choose whether or not Akiani should transfer these data to a third party previously designated by the user.

As soon as Akiani is aware of the death of a user and in default of instructions on its part, Akiani undertakes to destroy his data, unless their storage proves necessary for reasons of probate or to comply with a legal obligation.

If the user wishes to know how Akiani uses his personal data, wishes to correct them or object to their processing, the user may contact  Akiani in writing at the following address:

Akiani – DPO, Christophe Bey
2 rue Marc Sangnier 33130 Bègles.
In this case the user must indicate which personal data he wishes Akiani to correct, update or suppress, by providing a copy of an identity document (identity card or passport) for exact identification.

Requests for personal data to be erased shall be subject to the duties imposed on Akiani by the law, in particular as regards storage or archiving of the documents. Finally, users of Akiani may lodge an objection to the supervisory authorities, notably the CNIL (

Non-disclosure of personal data

Akiani shall not process, host or transfer the data collected on its customers in or to a country located outside the European Union or recognised as “not adequate” by the European Commission without previously notifying the customer. However, Akiani remains at liberty to select its technical and commercial subcontractors, provided that they offer guarantees sufficient with respect to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR: Regulation (EU) 2016/679)

Akiani undertakes to take all the precautions necessary to preserve the security of data and in particular undertakes that they shall not be communicated to unauthorised persons. However, if an incident affecting the integrity or the confidentiality of the Customer’s data is brought to the attention of  Akiani, the latter shall notify the customer at the earliest opportunity and shall inform him of the corrective measures taken. Furthermore, Akiani does not collect any “sensitive data”.

The user’s personal data may be processed by Akiani‘s subsidiaries and subcontractors (service providers) solely in order to implement the purposes of the present policy.

To the limit of their respective remits and for the purposes reiterated above, the persons most likely to have access to Akiani users’ data are principally our customer service agents.

Types of data collected

Notification of incidents

Irrespective of every possible endeavour, there is no method of transmission by Internet and no method of electronic storage, which is completely secure. Consequently, we cannot guarantee absolute security.
If we were to become aware of a security breach, we would advise the users concerned, so that they could take the appropriate measures. Our notification procedures take account of our legal duties, whether at the national or European level. We undertake to keep our customers fully informed on all the issues relevant to the security of their account and to provide them with all the information necessary to assist them to comply with their own regulatory obligations with respect to reporting.

No personal data of the user of the Akiani website is published, exchanged, transferred, assigned or sold in any medium whatsoever to third parties without the knowledge of the user. Only the resale of Akiani and its rights would allow the transfer of the said data to the possible acquirer, which would in its turn be bound by the same duty of storage and modification of the data towards the user of the Akiani website.


To ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data and personal health data  Akiani uses networks protected by standard features, such as fire-walls, pseudonymisation and passwords.

When processing personal data Akiani takes all reasonable measures for their protection against loss of any kind, misuse, unauthorised access, disclosure, modification or destruction.

Web hypertext links – cookies and tags

The Akiani website contains a certain number of hypertext links to other sites, installed with the authorisation of Akiani. However, it is not possible for Akiani to verify the content of the websites visited through these links and consequently it accepts no liability for these links.

Unless you decide to deactivate cookies, you accept that the site may use these links. You may at any time deactivate these cookies at no cost from the deactivation options open to you and reiterated hereinafter; if you do deactivate the cookies, please be aware that this may reduce or prevent access to all or part of the services offered by this website.


A cookie is a small computer file placed on the user’s browser and installed in the user’s terminal (e.g. computer, Smartphone) (hereinafter: cookies). This file reads data such as the user’s domain name, the user’s Internet provider, the user’s operating system, and the date and time of access to the website. Cookies can on no account damages the user’s terminal.

Akiani may process the user’s data with respect to his visit to the website, such as the pages consulted, the searches conducted. These data allow Akiani to improve the content of the website and navigation for the user.

Cookies facilitate navigation and/or provision of services offered on the website. The user may configure his browser to allow him to decide whether or not to accept the storage of cookies on the terminal, or conversely, to refuse to accept them, either systematically or depending on their source. The user may also configure his browser software so that the acceptance or refusal of cookies may be periodically offered to him before a cookie is potentially stored on his terminal. Akiani advises the user that, in this case, some or all of the features of his browser software may not be available.

If the user refuses to accept the storage of cookies on his terminal or his browser, or if the user deletes those, which have been stored, the user is informed that his navigation and experience on the website may be restricted. This may also be the case where  Akiani or one of its service providers is unable to recognise, for the purposes of technical compatibility, the browser type used by the terminal, the language and display parameters or the country, from which the terminal seems to be connected to the Internet.

Where appropriate, Akiani disclaims all liability for the consequences associated with the degraded operation of the website and the services, which may be offered by Akiani, resulting from (i) the refusal to accept cookies by the user, (ii) the impossibility for Akiani to store or consult the cookies necessary to their operation by virtue of the user’s choice. Each browser is configured differently for managing cookies and the user’s choices. The configuration is described in the browser Help menu, which will allow the user to discover how to modify his wishes with respect to cookies.

The user may at any time choose to express and modify his wishes with respect to cookies. Akiani  may, moreover, call upon the services of external service providers to assist it in collecting and processing the data described in this section.

Finally, by clicking on the Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google Plus icons on the Akiani website or in its mobile application and if the user has accepted the installation of cookies by continuing to navigate on the website or the Akiani mobile application, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google Plus may also deposit cookies on your terminals (computer, tablet, mobile telephone).

These types of cookies are deposited on your terminals only provided that you consent by continuing to navigate on the Akiani website or mobile application. Nonetheless, the user may revise his consent to Akiani depositing this type of cookies.


From time to time Akiani may use Internet codes (also known as tags, action tags, single pixel gifs, transparent gifs, invisible gifs and one to one gifs) and may use them through a partner specialising in Web analysis, which may be located (and therefore store the corresponding data, including the user’s IP address) in a foreign country.

These tags are placed together in online advertisements, which allow Internet surfers to access the website and its different pages.
This technology allows Akiani to analyse the visitor’s responses to the website and the efficacy of his actions (for example, the number of times when a page is opened and the information consulted), as well as the user’s use of the website.

The external service provider may potentially collect data on the visitors to the website and other Internet sites by virtue of these tags, generate reports on the activity on the website for Akiani and provide other services relating to the use of the website and of the Internet.